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MI Information Structures Ltd is specialized on planning, design, consultancy and training of information management, data warehouses, information systems and databases.

Our clients are organisations, communities and companies producing and processing information. For them we have designed databases, publishing platforms, data warehouses, conversions, data migration systems and websites. For information management and development projects we have organized workshops and produced reviews and recommendations.

Some references of our services and products:

Boreal Plant Breeding Ltd - their extensive data warehouse of all processes of plant breeding

Projectnet.fi - a searchable database of research projects which focus on natural resources, a unique service among the Finnish research information systems

Nursing Thesaurus Hoidokki - a thesaurus published by the Finnish Foundation of Nursing Education (SHKS) at 2005. Hoidokki can be used to search and to index publications of nursing science.

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MI Information Structures Ltd
Kiiruuntie 1, FIN-31400 Somero
e-mail info followed by @mitietorakenteet.fi
Business ID 1738973-7

Maj-Lis Aaltonen
Managing Director, Information Specialist

Ilkka Mattila
Senior Systems Analyst


MI Tietorakenteet Oy